Owner Rental Program | FAQs

This program is offered through the Rental Company of LaTour Hotels and Resorts division, VacationCondos.com

The Owner Rental program was designed for owners who are unable to use their deeded vacation property and who would like to earn potential income to offset the cost of your maintenance fees and assessments. For more information about how to rent your timeshare, check your week's status, or to see if your property is qualified, go to: http://www.vacationcondos.com/timesharerental.

Pueblo Bonito Owner Rental Program:

Pueblo Bonito is officially handling the Owner Rental Program for 2019. For more information on this, please contact Pueblo Bonito by clicking here.


List your week with us.

Can't make it to use your week? We know that vacations are not always possible, and if you need to place your vacation week(s) into our rental program, we would be glad to assist you.

The first choice should be to use or exchange your vacation week(s) yearly. Our exchange program RTX, is a great resource for owners to exchange their week and make use of it at another destination in our collection.

To learn more about Resort Travel & XChange (RTX), click here.