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Listing your week means you are enrolled in the rental program. We do not guarantee the rental of your week.
We only accept enrollments active that year that it is being rented. For example, we accept 2015 weeks in 2014 enrollment but we do not take any weeks you have banked or any bonus time weeks. Only your current week is accepted.
Each resort is has different timelines. Please refer to your listing agreement for those dates.
Yes. We encourage you to always enjoy your vacation ownership week. Simply write us and we will coordinate the removal of your week with your member services department.
This is different for each resort. Please refer to your listing agreement for possible options.
Your invoice from Owner Services will indicate your due date for your maintenance fee. However, in order for your week to be accepted into the rental program, your maintenance fees will have to be current at the time of verification.  For example, if you are current for 2014 and would like to list your 2015 week for rental, you must pay your 2015 Maintenance fees as well. We send the list of applications to your Owner Services Department for verification. We will verify if your application is correct and only release your week for listing into the LaTour rental program if your maintenance fees are current at that time.
No. You no longer have to fax any paperwork. The form has been digitally converted and your enrollment is completed online. Please be sure to read all the terms and conditions. By clicking you accept the terms on conditions you have verified you have read them and accept them.
When you finish completing the form – you will receive a confirmation on your screen that the application has been entered and is recorded into our system. Please make a print out of that confirmation which confirms your application was received. Once we receive that list back to confirm your week has been released into the program, we will send you a confirmation email officially enrolling you into the rental program.
Typing your name in the form that asks for your signature serves as a digital signature. You do not have to sign any paperwork or fax anything back. Everything is done online.